First Grade, Here We Come!

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I’m writing this post in the evening after a super busy day also known as the first day of school. Tadadada! Every year I do one of these posts, trying to find the words to express all the things I’m feeling on a day like today. To me the first days of school are almost as important as birthdays (I said almost!). They’re just as emotional that’s for sure. Because nothing makes you more aware of the time passing by waaaay to quickly as sending off your little one to school each year. Each year to a higher grade… Really, really feeling the fact that they’re growing up and you’re not entirely sure you’ll ever really be ready for that.

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This year was particularly emotional (read: nerve-wrecking for mama) for us because Lara started first grade. The real first grade (oh the French school system, man). We were kind of worried about starting school so early, having her skip a grade and we’re still sort of on the lookout (and probably will be for a while longer) to see if this was the right decision.

Her teachers last year assured us that it was definitely the right way to go but I guess what worries us the most is her growing up even faster than she’s supposed to. We wouldn’t want her to miss out on a single moment of being a little kid. So honestly, this stuff is what emotional roller coasters are made off. You’re constantly shifting between pride, to sadness, to excitement because she’s so excited, to worry, to pride again, to doubt, and then happiness again. IT IS INSANE. But enough about me.

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This story is about a little girl named Lara who was incredibly excited, and a little nervous about starting school today. But once she got there, you could tell she was totally owning it and in her element. She didn’t miss a beat and went right in there with a “the world is my oyster attitude”, totally ready for this new adventure.

And with that she just made it so easy for us as well. I thought I was going to spend the day worrying about how she’s doing and instead I was just so excited and happy. Because I knew she was. And her first day was great, she saw some old friends, made some new ones, got a little desk… And despite a mini meltdown after school because we were missing a very specific yellow marker, which was apparently essential to the day being a 150% success, she went to bed in utter and complete bliss.

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Oh, sweet girl of mine you make life such an adventure. The best kind… And I love you more than words can say.

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