Fall Break In Full Swing…


Hi everyone, I hope you’re all having a great week! We’re in Slovenia (well the trio fantastico at least because Vid still has a couple of matches) and we’re enjoying this second week of our fall break.

Traveling was a bit tough this time around, we had a really late flight out and it was hard to get the kids settled so they didn’t end up falling asleep until really late. We also lost Lev’s pacifier on the plane and couldn’t get another one until late next day so he didn’t even nap the next day, while only getting like 6 hours of sleep! It was pretty  and it feels like he’s still catching up on everything today because he’s constantly a little grumpy.

It was also pretty rainy for the first two days so we didn’t get out to do much but we’re hoping that changes as we near the weekend. On the other hand, it feels soooo autumnal here. The leaves are gorgeous and I’m so hoping for a sunny day so we can just get out and walk around the city, go to a park…


Everytime I come to Ljubljana these days I’m constantly trying to imagine myself living here once again in a couple of years. I love this city of mine but I still feel like it will be quite an adjustment for all of us once the time comes. In particular, I’m worried about the lack of sunshine. I got so spoiled with Southern France and the fact that even in the winter I get that necessary dose of vitamin D. While over here it can get pretty gloomy and I get serious cabin fever if I can’t get out of the house and do a million different things. Do you hear me weather? Please keep me in mind in like three or so years! Appreciate it!


This Saturday Lara is running her first 600m race and I’m doing a breast cancer awareness run for Europa Donna. I’m so excited about her run and she’s really looking forward to it too. And then on Sunday it’s the half marathon for which I’m super nervous for. I went for a run yesterday while my dad watched the kids and it was good but it’s still pretty nerve wrecking. It feels so different than last year when my sole goal was just to finish it and see if I can run that far (long). This year, I’m trying to improve my time so it instantly feels like a bigger deal to me.

We shall see! Cross your fingers for our running filled weekend 🙂

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