Escaping The Heat

I’ve been wanting to go to the Alps in the summer for quite a while now. I love the idea of escaping that classic summer city heat for a little fresh air in the mountains. We could never seem to find the time to go but I got a few days off work this week and Vid is in Hamburg for a tournament so I figured, why not?

So yesterday, the kids and I packed up our little suitcases and our hiking gear (I use the term gear very loosely here) and drove for four and a half hours to Carroz d’Araches. I’ve never been to this area before or drove past either and I absolutely loved it. We passed Annecy and we could see Geneva too. Soooo gorgeous.

The beginning of our ride was pretty stressful though, none of us got a lot of sleep and the kids were super restless, while I was super cranky, annoyed and tired. After two hours my mom called and told me to take a little break, get the kids out, go for coffee and honestly it was the simplest but the best advice.

We got out of the car, moved around a little, got some food and coffee and then got back in the car. And from then on smooth sailing. It was one of those things, when you plan something out in your head and then it doesn’t go your way and you just can’t seem to adapt and re-adjust. Some days it’s harder and others it comes with complete ease.

We finally got to Carroz late in the afternoon and the kids were so pumped. It’s such a cute place and we immediately went out to explore a little but since there was no nap time, we tired pretty quickly. We hopped to bed early and got and got a good night’s sleep.

Today is a little iffy and rainy out but we’re supposed to have two lovely days starting tomorrow and I’m super excited to take the kiddos on a hike and on a nearby farm.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday!

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