Christmas In The Sand

We do Christmas a little differently here. Since we travel to Slovenia every year to spend the holidays with the family, we like to spend a little pre-Christmas Christmas here in France as well. That way we get a little quality time together before being pulled in a thousand different directions and since Vid is usually home only for two days on Christmas, it makes it even more special. We also do our gifts here because that way we don’t have to travel with everything back home.

It’s worked out well for us over the past couple of years; we told Lara that Santa visits over a span of a couple of weeks because obviously he can’t visit the whole world in one night. So first he visits France and by the time the real Christmas Day comes around he makes his way to Slovenia.



Vid and I have been planning to do our celebration with a holiday breakfast and gifts on Sunday morning and it worked out perfectly because on Saturday there was a photo on the news of Santa Claus and an article that said he left the North Pole on Saturday morning. So, everything was working in our favor. We laid out the gifts before heading to bed Saturday night and it was quite an adventure because we had all these boxes where we hid the presents for the past couple of weeks and we were trying to be really quiet . I know it’s probably the last year of believing in Santa for Lara, as she’s already started asking questions, so I was freakishly afraid of her catching us. She also put some cookies underneath for him (which Vid and I ate haha) and the whole thing was so darn cute!

Anyways come Sunday morning, the kids were up at 6.30 AM! It’s like they have a sixth sense about these things or something. So we were all up and at ’em bright and early, opening presents, drinking coffee and eating breakfast. Lara was super excited because Chandler got presents as well and we prepared a little nook for him with a bed, two bowls and some toys. Chandler, we’re ready for you!

Lara asked Santa for a Hatchimal, which apparently is like the IT toy of the year. I even saw it on Jimmy Kimmel last week! Luckily, I got my hands on it pretty early and only went to two stores because apparently it’s sold out. If you follow me on Instagram, maybe you saw it but we waited for it to hatch for like two hours. And even once it broke through the egg, it still wasn’t done hatching. Finally, I managed to get it out and we named it Clementine (Clem for short). Lara and Lev both love it. Lev is super gentle with it, which is funny because he can be a bit of a tank.




Afterwards, we had lunch with some friends on the beach. We literally sat outside, on December 18th, eating lunch on a terrace overlooking the sea. It was a dreamy afternoon and a perfect ending to a great day. I didn’t pull my camera out so all I have are a couple of pictures I took on my phone but it was nice to take a break and just focus on the family. It’s weird because being at the beach a week before Christmas doesn’t feel wintery at all but I really love it. I kept telling Vid that while I love those two weeks of snow a year and the whole true winter holiday cheer, I was actually meant to live by the sea.



Thank you Santa for treating us so well and for giving us a magical day!

Today is a super busy day for us, we’re packing away for the holidays, as we leave tomorrow morning. I need to get Lev to the doctors for a check up because he’s been complaining about his ear and I want to make sure there’s nothing happening there before getting on a plane tomorrow. Remember when Lara had an ear infection and we were traveling??? Never again.

And then this evening we’re off to see Santa at the Aquarium. Tough to say who’s more excited, the kids or us?

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