Books, Flowers, Thoughts & Other Little Things

Our little Bam Bam is in that stage when he’s truly testing his and our limits, learning the power of the word “No”, pouting and other fun things that come with being two and a half years old. I’m completely aware of this period as it’s bringing back memories of when our little miss was going through the same thing. It is of course a rite of passage both for him and for us as his parents. Admittedly on some days I feel like I can handle such situations with complete ease and patience, while on other days I feel at my wits end, wondering what would be the best way to handle a certain situation.

As with Lara I’ve been sort of turning to books for guidance and advice and in the process learning more and more about myself. I remember being in this spot a little less than 5 years ago when I found that same comfort in reading about parenting and figuring out what works for us and what doesn’t. It’s not necessarily all about finding solutions, I think it’s more about finding out that you’re not alone in certain struggles and feelings. I’m revisiting this book “All Joy And No Fun”, which I’ve actually talked about a few years ago. It’s a really great book and I highly recommend it.


In the last months I’ve really made a concerted effort to simplify our lives and try and show the kids more ways that we can enjoy little pleasures without necessarily looking for grand plans or huge diversions. Especially, in the last month and half, since I’ve been alone for more of it, I’ve really found positive feedback in introducing that into our lives. It’s been easier on me and I think that it’s been good for the little ones as well. We’ve been spending more time at home playing or reading books, or heading outside in the yard to play with the pup, without feeling the need to go somewhere else or do something more. I’ve slowly been getting rid of stuff we don’t need in our home, we’ve moved furniture around to change things up; it’s been a good and liberating process.


Books and flowers play really well into that because it’s the little pleasures that don’t take much but they are such a huge difference. I’ve also started doing yoga again and finally managed to reset my internal clock to wake up a little earlier (without feeling like a train ran over me) to have more time in the morning and not feel as rushed. It gives me the time to do my makeup, while drinking my coffee and as silly as it sounds, those 15 minutes instantly boost my day. I feel a little more put together, even if I’m just wearing sweatpants all day. It gives me those minutes in the morning to focus entirely on myself and get ready for the day ahead. It might be an outside thing but it’s been doing wonders for my inside.


I also got the “Little Book Of Hygge” the other day because I’ve been dying to read it for a few months now. It’s a really interesting read and I’ve been devouring it all weekend. It’s fun and easygoing and really simple in the way it explains what makes people happy. Again, it all comes back to keeping things simple and cozy.

Just a little food for thought for this lovely Monday and the week ahead. I hope you all have a good one!

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