Beach Day At Bonaventure

Hellooo! Me, again 🙂

We’re off for a little hike and exploring today. The sun is out, I have my backpack for Lev, we’ve got our hiking sticks (is that how you call them? Thanks Amazon Prime), the mountains are waiting.

But before I’m off, here’s a little post from our beach day last weekend. It was the day before my mom left to go back to Slovenia and we just wanted to have one last day together, just having fun on the beach, a relaxed little lunch and some rosĂ© of course. A summer without rosĂ© is not a summer at all if you ask me!

Anyhow, it was a great day and I’m so happy my mama was there with us too. It was so nice having her visit for two weeks, she spoiled us rotten and cooked, took care of Lari and Lev, folded our clothes (probably what I’m most grateful for in terms of helping around the house because I HATE folding clothes) and basically was just a life saver as I had to work and Vid just started pre-season training and we didn’t have childcare organized for those two weeks.

It’s also really nice to just spend some quality time together, hang out and try and squeeze in a few months of not seeing each other into those days. It’s funny how quickly the kids get used to having someone around too and we were all pretty bummed when she left. Chandler too haha!

Anyhow, we’re off on our hike now, please wish me luck because I’m in seriously bad shape and I’m not sure how carrying a 16kg three year old is going to go but I guess we’ll find out soon enough haha. We’ll take the ski lift up the mountain and apparently there’s a trail that goes to a lake and a farm. I don’t know who is more excited about this, the kids or me 🙂

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