Back To Blog Life Ramble

Hello hello, after soo many months of not blogging and to be honest not really feeling the need to, I’ve been feeling re-inspired over the past couple of weeks.

Not really sure why, it could be that we finally went on a family holiday after 3 FREAKING years (and we went for two weeks too!) and so I’ve been feeling re-energized and rested and just basically ready to start documenting again. Maybe haha!

The thing is, it’s been an absolutely crazy year for us. Crazy good, crazy hectic, crazy tiring… Basically crazy all around. And the truth was, that from February until June it almost felt like as if Vid and I put on auto pilot and went into straight robot mode just so we could make it all work.

We did make it all work and Vid had an AMAZING year in the end ending up in realizing a life-long dream but by the time end of June arrive we were both exhausted. EXHAUSTED!

So blogging was hard and at the same time, I didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself to do something I wasn’t really feeling. Evenings were reserved for spending time with the fam bam and de-compressing with easy TV or books and that was that.

But I’m glad to have gotten re-inspired and hopefully I’ll be able to blog a little more this year. I’ve already gone into full on planning mode so we can keep our year organized to avoid feeling like we’re barely holding things together. With me going back to work full time last year and having a job that requires some travelling there were times when I honestly felt like everything was completely overwhelming. Vid was constantly like, “weeeeeee’re fineeeeeee” and I was mostly like “oh my gaaaawd oh my gaaaaaawd, what are we doing!”.

I’m calling it our test year.

It was funny. And stressful. But also fun. And Vid won the Champion’s League with his team. So pretty much, we’re all good hahaha (not such a humble brag. Just really proud over here OK?).And we’ve got some family planners for this year so there’s that too!

And now, the last couple of weeks of the school holidays and then it’s full on mode. By the way, what do working parents do with their kids during a 2 month summer holiday? Am I the only one feeling that logistically this is hard to handle? Great for the kids obviously but hard to handle, right?

OK, I’ve rambled enough for this back to life post, have an amazing weekend everyone 🙂

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