Around Here Lately + Happy Valentine’s Day

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It would seem that February has just been one long battle with colds around here. And it’s not even that cold outside! I mean we’ve had some rain and everything but other than that we still get tons of sunshine and the temperatures haven’t been that low either. It’s just the season I guess because everyone I know has been struggling with the exact same thing. So we’re kind of just going with it, continuing with our regular routine, spending time outside and having fun.

Lev is obsessed with Lara’s scooter so we got him his own this week. He doesn’t like it as much.

We’ve all been super busy too, Vid’s season has started again full swing, I’ve been working what feels like non-stop on our Lemon Mamas project (it’s coming soon, I promise!) and so the weeks pass in a bit of a blur.

It’s a very exciting time but I admit that after being out of the regular “office hours” for two years with the kids and family time as my primary and sole focus, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed at times. In the best way possible, but I’m still finding my way into scheduling things, making time to take care of everything while still working on what needs to be done! It’s non-stop learning and balancing process I guess.

We did have a fun girl’s night on Friday though with a few drinks and lots of great food, that earned us some curious comments from the waiters (is a healthy appetite frowned upon these days?). It was a really fun night and despite the fact that my throat felt even more sore the next day it was soooo worth it.

It's not thaaat much food right?

It’s not thaaat much food right?

In other news… Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re not that big on celebrating it around here, we just keep it simple with some flowers and cards. It’s kind of my favorite thing anyways. Everything is so digital today (and while I love that too), a handwritten note goes a long way around here 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

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