And We’re Back! Sort Of…

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Alright folks the fun is over! Well, not really but spring school holidays are, which means I’m experiencing a particularly hormonally induced melodramatic Monday. We dropped off Lara in school this morning and while she went right in there without a second glance I just stood there not really knowing whether to be glad this is going so smoothly or cry because it’s obviously not going smoothly AT ALL for me.

The past two weeks have been great. No alarm clocks, daddy was home, later nights, spontaneous trips to bug museums and picnics on the terrace… I mean we were really living it up here! I feel like Lara grew at least 5 inches, she’s just so funny and smart and I just love hanging out with her so having her go back to school is definitely bittersweet for me. Sure I get tired a little easier lately and I’m usually ready for a nap after taking the stairs to our third floor apartment but the truth is I just love having her home all the time, waking me up with her plastic trumpet and making me sand and stone cakes for my fake birthday with her little friends from our building. Ahhh these were the days!

Anyone else feeling this way when it’s back-to-school time? I’m going to have trouble come fall I think after I’ll have another set of cheeks to kiss all day long!

But, it’s time to get back to reality and that includes schedules, school and getting some writing done so consider this my official first day back from vacation! I’ve got a few new posts coming up this week, they might be a bit baby/kid centric so sorry about that but hey, it’s just the state of mind I’m in right now.

Happy Monday everyone!

P.S Remember my Little Giraffe post? An awesome giveaway is underway and the winner gets to take home the “Little G” plush toy (Lara’s fave!) so hop on over to Little Giraffe France Facebook page and get clicking 🙂

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