And Then There’s This…

It’s been a whirlwind month to say the least. Lara and I have been moving around true gypsy style for a month as we waited and sneaked little visits (read: one :-() to the boyfriend who has been preparing for the Men’s Handball World Championship. And even though I usually don’t write about it that much on this blog, proud milestones such as this one definitely deserve talking about.

After seven hard fought matches Slovenia is now (undefeated) in the semi finals of the World Championship played in Barcelona, Spain, which is an unprecedented result for Slovenia as far as world championships go. To simplify, it’s pretty darn amazing and awesome and the entire national team deserves some serious kudos. Big time kudos! That said, I’m also incredibly proud of my other half who, after a very tough injury, which basically made his entire last year extremely difficult in every sense, managed to come back, fight with so much heart and basically show that he isn’t going anywhere!

So very, very proud!

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  • Zhana

    I almost cried!:)

  • Ana Plut

    Jz bi bla tud ponosna na tvojem mestu. Že tako sm fuuuuul na tele fante, ampak ko je eden od njih tudi tvoj partner, se stvari še podeseterijo!