And She’s 3!


Wow, time flies! I know this because Easter weekend has come and gone and I didn’t have time to prepare a single post before we set on our mini vacation to Slovenia. Sorry about that and happy Easter everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful time with tons of good food and quality family time.

The second reason I know time flies when you’re having fun is because today is Lara’s third birthday. Third people! I honestly feel like it was just before yesterday I found out we were expecting, and then yesterday she was born and today she’s a little three year old person who says the funniest things, jokes around ALL the time, hides things to trick you, switches back and forth between French and Slovenian like it’s no big deal at all and just yesterday, right before she went to bed, she said “awesome” in English because you know, we learn something new every day.

Another thing that’s awesome? Being her mommy. I think we always think of parenting as teaching our children and preparing them for life and everything it brings but we often forget everything our little ones teach us. Things like patience and love. So much love in fact you think your heart will jump out of your chest. They teach you to appreciate the sunrise because you’ve almost forgotten what it’s like getting up in time to see it. Little ladies teach you about the color pink and purple. Lots of pink and purple. They make you want to be better because as much as you’re proud of them each and every day you want them to be proud of you as well.

Happy 3rd birthday sweetie, I love getting up in the morning to your sweet chatter and your hand pulling mine out of bed so you can show me it’s no longer dark out. I love you so, so very much and I’m so incredibly thankful for each and every day of the past three years. You’re AWESOME 🙂

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