A little update on our doctor filled week

If you read my last post you probably know all about our doctor filled weekend that continued well into our Monday. Unfortunately, Lara’s condition didn’t improve by yesterday afternoon so her pediatrician recommended we go to the hospital again because of the severe swelling of her cheek. They ended up keeping us overnight and put her on an intense regimen of antibiotics in an effort to stop the infection/allergic reaction from spreading. By this morning it didn’t get any worse, but it wasn’t any better either. Still the ultrasound didn’t show anything major under the skin and from the looks of it (and the looks were/are pretty bad), the lesions are entirely superficial. This was when I hoorayed.

They doctors gave her the last round of antibiotics via an IV in the afternoon, a treatment cream for her skin and a strict no sun order for a year. Yup, that’s not a typo, for a whole year. She isn’t allowed to leave the house without a thick layer of sunscreen (50 SPF) and a hat, + any summer outings between 10 AM and 4 PM are out of the question. Throughout this I kept wondering how I’m going to keep a 2 year old toddler out of the sun for a whole year. I mean she is going to be 2 in a few weeks, she is supposed to be outside playing. It was at this point that I almost lost it. In the end though, the bf talked me through it (the voice of reason) saying that if it keeps her from scarring badly an extra careful year is honestly not bad at all.

So in an effort to kind of not think about the bad stuff and how angry, mad, upset and sad I got over this weekend I’m going to try and list a few positive/funny things that we got/will get out of it.

  • Our little girl is so very, very brave. We are so proud at how she handled everything. And she doesn’t seem to even notice anything happened to her at all, which makes us all the happier.
  • The BF apparently has a thing for hospital food. Made a mental note of it for next time I’m supposed to buy lunch.
  • The year without sun means some serious/fun hat shopping for the little one.
  • A cold weather vacation in the summer perhaps? Always wanted to go crazy like that. Any suggestions?

And probably the most important (serious) thing I learned this weekend is to trust my instincts. If you feel like something isn’t right with your child, honestly the best thing is to just get a hold of the doctor or go to the ER and have it looked at. If it’s nothing then great and everyone will get a good night’s sleep and if it’s something, well, in that case you obviously did the right thing. I often suffer from “first time parent” panic attacks but I’d really rather be annoying than dismiss something and regret it. Obviously all in good reason. If the kid sneezes twice, there’s no need for SOS.

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    hoooo poor pitchoune, although this small girl is very courageous, gives us news about his health ! and a lot of courage  for you too !! and as you always say follow its instinct,  he often even always right !! Courage