A Little Bit About Me…


Hi everyone, here’s a little bit about me, Leja. I, like Masha, used to play tennis, so this is where we met about 17 year ago. During college years (I studied in Texas) we became best friends and here I am now joining Style Lemon as her “blog-partner in crime”.

I am interested in many things such as outdoors, traveling, designing, art, DIY crafting, activities, cooking, learning and exploring beautiful things and beauty everywhere possible. But by far, my true joy and pride is my own family, my son Mark and boyfriend Saso, so probably most of my posts will be regarding that.  Before I was invited to join the blog as a co-writer, I would often find myself sending Masha new ideas for her next possible post, so just imagine how excited and honored I am about becoming a part of Style Lemon blog.

I truly hope you enjoy our collection of things.
xOxO Leja

A little about me:
I live in Ljubljana (Slovenia), 2nd most beautiful city of 2014 chosen by Lonely Planet.
I am a true math geek! It took years to admit that without getting embarrassed 😉
I have hazel eyes and it wouldn’t be anything special if my son hadn’t had them also.
And most importantly, being a mom is the absolute best unpaid job in the world and the best life teachers are most definitely our own children. I am so thankful for my little family!

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