A Friday Story


Guys, this morning was insane! You know that thing when you’ve been up in the morning for like two hours but then you try squeezing getting yourself and your kids ready into the final 20 minutes before you need to be out the door? Yes? No?

Well, I am a master of that. I’ve actually perfected this phenomenon to the point where I think one might consider it a work of art. At least that’s how I comfort myself when I catch a glimpse of myself in the lobby mirror :

Makeup-less, with a toddler and Lara’s pool bag in one arm, a bottle and a stuffed toy in the other, a pacifier in my mouth (yes my mouth, not the kid’s) and a handbag with computer over my shoulder, all the while mumbling to Lara (remember there’s a pacifier in my mouth): “Hurry sweetie, hurry!”.

This was me this morning. I swear someone needed to take a picture and document it because it had “mother late, mother overwhelmed” written all over it.

But in my defense here’s what happened. I got up early to put the finishing touches on some of the things I’ve been working on until really late last night and wanted to finish before the weekend. Also, I had a meeting with my accountant, which meant I needed to get ready for that too. Jeez, I felt so adult saying that. Again: “Myyyyy accountaaaaaaant!” OK, enough, it’s really not that great.

Lev didn’t end up falling asleep until like 10PM last night so this morning he decided to sleep in and being the fantastic mother that I am, I let him. Until 8.15AM when it was really, really last call. The problem was none of us were ready at that point. I hadn’t showered yet, Lara’s morning routine takes forever no matter how much time she has and Lev, well he can’t dress himself yet. So, really all of this was warranted.

Somehow though, by the time we finally got in the car, I realized we weren’t really that late (thank you kitchen clock, which I purposely set 6 minutes ahead) so all was well. I said: “OK kids, good job hustlin’ we’re on time. The only thing is I don’t have any makeup on but we’ll just let that slide.”

To which my darling daughter replied: “Doesn’t matter mom, you don’t need it. You’re beautiful without makeup. We all are.” (heart explodes)

Mother late, mother overwhelmed, who cares. I’m doing something right!


And in order to end this morning on a more easy going note, here’s a little casual look from our work date the other day. A variation of this look is pretty much my go-to look lately and I love it. It represents me, makes me feel put together, and most importantly I’m comfortable and cozy. Now, add a coat to that because it’s officially brrrrrr outside.




BEANIE: H&M / SWEATER: H&M (can’t find it online but bought recently) / JEANS: ZARA (old) / SNEAKERS: ADIDAS STAN SMITH

Happy Friday and happy weekend! I can’t wait for Christmas lights tonight…

P.S If you’re looking for gift ideas make sure to tune in this weekend and next week because I’ll be posting my Christmas guides!

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