A Couple Of Things I’m Loving Today


It’s one of those awkward days again today, when it’s cloudy out with the sun completely hidden yet it’s still full on summer. And to be totally honest, I don’t mind it one bit. Maybe because it’s a faint indicator of fall and we all know how much I love my fall. Also, I know we never stop complaining about the weather so I’m very happy I’m able to contribute and perpetuate this feeling of never being completely content by what it has in store for us. When it’s cold out we want summer, when it’s hot out it’s too hot yadda yadda yadda, you get the point.

But today I say to the clouds, I fully accept you. I like you. You’re making it all very awkward but then again so am I so that’s that.

OK, here’s what I’m loving today (aside from the clouds):

Now, I’m really done.

Also, I’m wearing stripes and flowers today. At the same time. On my body, at the same time. The reason, I’m telling you this is because if you told me I’d wear this combo six years ago, I’d laugh in your face and call you crazy. I’d probably call Joan Rivers on you or something. But it happened nonetheless. Tadaaaaaaa…

(totally non-related to the post image via here)

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