Timeless Tie-Dye From Shabd

Do you like tie-dye? Well, if you could see the T-Shirt I’m wearing today, you’d see that tie-dye is sort of right up my alley, meaning that so is this next New York fashion label. Artist Shabd Simon Alexander started Shabd in 2009 with an intention to create a label that blends its core values with those historical and cultural ones where hand techniques are at the very essence of both the garment’s design as well as its production. Honestly, I get pretty giddy when I find clothing labels like these just because their uniqueness sort of takes me away from those usual everyday clothes. I’ve recently made a dedicated effort to sort get away from the “usual suspects” in my closet and try to mix things up a little and brands like these are just the right inspiration for it. Prices can get a bit spicy but these are timeless investment pieces that don’t change seasons so if you’re looking for something different, stylish and unique this might just be it.

Shabd’s work is not bound by time or intended to be quickly disposed of. A blurring of the seasons liberate her designs from standard fashion markets, creating timeless pieces to be enjoyed year-long, and year after year. With her friends as muse, Shabd’s clients are creative, intellectual women who search out and invest in a few choice, quality pieces to wear forever.” 

And yes they have a kids collection as well, which may just be the death of me…Also, make sure to check out their sale items.

(Images: Shabd)

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