The Printed Palette


Aside from this weekend being quite busy work wise, it was also full of new shop discoveries (which, I’m planning on sharing with all of you) and working on our nursery project. I think the nesting period has officially begun for me because I’ve been all over the place, scouting ideas, decoration tips etc. Thank God for the INTERNET, I say.

And it’s also how I stumbled upon this cute little onesie find. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, it’s from a cute shop called The Printed Palette, which features a ton of other apparel for babies, kids and adults alike. The onesies are 100% organic cotton, printed with water based ink so there’s really no icky stuff near that super soft baby skin.


I also like these Ikat leggings and this teepee baseball tee for Lara. And of course there’s always room for a slouchy sweater in my closet too!

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