The October Chill(Out)

1. Zoe Karssen Bat Sweatshirt 2. Zoe Karssen Love is Love 3. Wildfox Magic Potion #9 T-Shirt 4. Wildfox I Need Coffee Baggy Beach Jumper 5. Nike Sky Hi Suede Wedge Sneakers 6. Wildfox Lovers Bottoms 7. Freddy Trousers 8. Zoe Karssen All Over Hearts Sweatpants 9. TopShop Eagle Stud Sweat Top

You can take the girl out of sweatpants but you can’t take the sweatpants out of the girl. True story. As much as I like pretty things and pretty clothes I have to admit, comfortable “loungewear” is something I will never be able to give up. Ever. Even though my days as an athlete are somewhat over and done with (read: entirely) and I no longer walk around dressed as if I’m ready to do sprints at any given moment, I admit that I often miss those days. And not just because I was in much better shape, which is more than true, but because I could just put on a pair of cute sweats and be done with it, no hassle necessary.

Sure, growing up and joining the real world, where showing up to work in So Low sweats is a definite no no has something to do with it, but what about the weekends? Holidays? Casual workplaces? I swear I cringe every time I see people on a Saturday morning getting croissants and buying groceries in 5 or more-inch heels. Granted people have different levels of comfort but somehow I just don’t see how those two go together. Maybe I have yet to explore my inner “Victoria Beckham, I was born in heels” woman … Or maybe I’m just more comfortable in flats and that’s the end of it.

So, in honor of those relaxing days and me missing them and me holding on to them like a crazy lady (you can insert my boyfriend’s question here: “How many grey pairs of pants does one need?”), here are a couple of cute sweats and sweatshirts I wouldn’t mind getting caught in …

P.S As you’ve probably noticed I’m currently mildly obsessed with Zoe Karssen. I would have said I was sorry but I’m really not.

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