Maison Martin Margiela for H&M Is Coming…


Call me crazy maybe but I didn’t immediately hyperventilate upon seeing the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection. Don’t get me wrong, I get all warm and fuzzy over Margiela just as much as the next girl but this collection just didn’t do it for me. Not entirely. At first. Why? Not a clue. And this comes from someone who desperately tried to justify a purchase of cutout MMM sneakers on a Net-A-Porter sale last season. Luckily my size was sold out because frankly I’m not entirely sure how that one would have worked out.

But, back to MMM for H&M. (Don’t you feel like we could be talking M&M’s here?)

The oversized trend? Check. Wonderful, clean cut and masculine inspired lines? Check. High fashion at an affordable price? Check (mostly). The amazing nostalgia embedded in each and every piece that is inspired by previous Margiela collections? Check.

So what’s my problem? I don’t know to be honest but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I couldn’t immediately picture myself running around the playground in disco leggings or oversized jeans that may or may not fit a sumo wrestler (and not just a regular boyfriend). Even if I’ll probably end up doing both in the end. But isn’t that what makes fashion so darn special? To do the unexpected. To be brave. To put on sumo jeans and wear them with pride. And with the tag on the outside. That’s the glory of designer collaborations at least. They bring couture to the masses so we can all be weird together.



So, to minimize the damage I’ve done in the opening paragraph of this highly informative post I should probably state that I do have feelings for certain pieces in the collection. This (hopefully) means I’m not entirely clueless and style challenged and that the gods of fashion and designer collaborations will potentially forgive the blasphemy I’ve initially uttered.

  • The leather biker jacket? Yes, I could potentially work it into my “mother on the loose” wardrobe. I think Lara would probably find it amusing. Until she’s old enough to no longer find it amusing that is.
  • This glove clutch? Yes, definitely. For nights on the town when the babysitter fairies have granted me the chance to pretend I will not have to get up the next morning at 7 AM.
  • The plexi wedges? Yes, yes and yes again. I think even my graceless high heel walk could swing these. In color nude please. This includes the black wedge ankle boots. Thanks!
  • The oversized turtleneck and the oversized pea coat? Yes, because they’re both on par with my love for oversized anything.
  • This blazer? Yes, because I refuse to believe I have wide shoulders (I do. This is denial.), and that shoulder pads or emphasized shoulders are generally not a good idea. “Fake it till’ you make it” my coach used to say.
  • The nude suede jacket? Yes, because the color nude goes with pretty much anything and I love it for that.
  • This oversized dress? Yes, because it goes with what I said two bullet points ago and if I potentially have an event or somewhere more formal to go to (insert very low probability here), wearing this dress means I can actually eat before, during and after without needing spanx, and that my friends is excellent.
  • The leather pants? Yes, because they are what dreams are made of. I say dreams because they still cost about 300€ and I just can’t seem to justify buying them to myself of my bank. So we’ll stick to dreams and that’s that.
  • The basic folded tote? Because it will hold extra clothes, snacks, Kindles and everything else I’m forced to carry around on a daily basis.
  • The faceless watch bracelet? Because let’s face it. I’m always late anyways so having a watch with an actual clock is pointless. So why not have a bracelet instead? It’s like they are in my head.

Come to think of it, I could go on and on (at least for a few more items) and eventually we would all come to the realization that I do in fact like (even love, maybe?) the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection – with minor exceptions – that is. So there you go…we’ve gotten absolutely nowhere 🙂

MMM for H&M will hit stores on November 15th (Europe and US). Mark your calendars and start figuring out where you could possible wear the candy wrapper clutch to.

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