The Casual Friday Outfit

…+ a bunch of attempts at looking all cool, which didn’t really work out the way they looked in my head. If you’re wondering why I look all serious and pensive (and pained) in so many of these pictures or why I’m sitting down, let me just come out and tell you it’s because I’m so incredible sore after working out for the first time in months that I wasn’t sure how I’ll get up without help. And as far as the goofy one goes; it’s all I could muster up after feeling so awkward in the others. When in doubt, joke around…

To be perfectly honest this outfit isn’t all that special (aside from the shoes I’m getting married in that is). As much as I love this whole experimenting thing, there are days when jeans, a T-shirt and a cardigan are as far as I’ll get. But I’ve come to learn in my “old” age that even casual outfits that you don’t put much thought into can be made into a little something more with the right shoes or the right bag, sprinkled with some positive attitude of course. My mom always told me, that if you are to invest into something in your wardrobe, then a nice pair of shoes or a bag is probably best. And I definitely think she’s on to something here…

Oh, and for what it’s worth, my dad did tell me to workout regularly after having a baby but I clearly didn’t listen to him. 

(Top & Cardigan: H&M, Jeggings: Zara, Bag: Stefanel, Shoes: Isabel Marant, Rings: Made and Banana Republic)

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