Spring Is In The Air

1. H&M Bomber / 2. Zara Choker Necklace / 3. Pink Ombre Skirt / 4. Zara Ruffled Chambray Shirt / 5. Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipstick / 6. Gucci Soho Leather Disco Bag / 7. Zoeva EN Taupe Palette / 8. ASOS Espadrilles / 9. Le Specs Sunglasses

We finally got some sunshine this past week and despite everything it’s been doing wonders for my mood. Not going to lie though, these past few days have been rough and I’m a little tired (read: exhausted). Vid is doing well but he’s not able to walk yet so taking care of him, the kids, and the puppy has naturally made things a little hectic. It’ll get better soon of course but in the meantime, in order to infuse myself with some positive vibes, I’ve been daydreaming about summer and holiday destinations, as well as a spring wish list.

Of course, it is what it is and summer is still months away but just looking at options the other day, made me super excited. The same goes for my spring wish list. It’s just a silly list of things I love and it probably won’t get any further than that but it’s fun nonetheless and a girl can dream of a Gucci bag if she wants to.

OK, folks a little less than a month until official springtime and until then, gimme all the sun I can get!

What’s on your spring wish list?

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