Shake It Out…(It’s Just Another Monday)

Here’s to another week and to a wonderful weekend I just had. Here’s to my little bundle of happiness that somehow makes it easy to get up even if I’ve only slept three hours. Here’s to amazing boyfriends who cook. Here’s to always trying to take the high road. Here’s to knowing what’s important. Here’s to always wanting to learn new things. And last but not least, here’s to making the best possible lemonade out of the lemons life deals you…Hope it’s a good one 🙂

(Sweater: Anthropologie, Tank: Zara, Jacket: Zara, Leggings: H&M, Scarf: L.O.V. Project, Shoes: Repetto, Bag: Sud Express, Watch: IceWatch, Rings: Banana Republic, Bracelet: Haute Betts)

Photos: Vid Kavticnik 

And a little song I’ve been humming to…(I would have said singing but we all know that’s a lie).

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