8 Feb

Sales, Sales, Sales…

As usual around this time of the year, the winter sales get the best of me. I resisted (almost) through the month of January and then February kicked in, I started seeing up to 70% off signs along with the “sales end soon” signs and I caved. Duhh. So, the first pit stop was Etsy, which technically doesn’t have sales but the jewelry there is mostly affordable and handmade and I just had to “spring it up” in the department. A little order from PetiteCo did the trick and I’m happily expecting the arrival of three bracelets (this one, this one and this one). Second stop ASOS: where I finally found a Zoe Karssen sweatshirt sufficiently discounted for me to justify the purchase of yet another gray sweater. I’m ignoring the fact that my 50 shades of gray: The Sweater Edition is soon going to become a 100 shades of gray: The Sweater Edition. I think I’m compensating for not working out by dressing as if I am…Oh, I also picked up a beanie for 6€ that’s waaaay too big on my head but then again most hats are so… (the beanie is ridiculously pictured and saved into the internet eternity below).

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photo 1 (2) photo 2 (1)

Third stop: Zara, where I happily snagged an embroidered black sweater for 14,99€ (seen here) and the oxblood/burgundy skirt I’ve been eyeing since the fall for 12,99€. Great business I think.

Last and final stop: H&M, where I picked up some more bling, this time in the shape of rings and some bow hair ties to spice it up in the mane department as well.

1-2-13-MP5 (3 of 4)

In case you still have some way to go in the penny department, you should obviously check out the ASOS sale (ends in 2 days!), Revolve Clothing and Shopbop have some great finds too, Forever21 is worth checking out (AND they now ship internationally!), jeans at Mango go for around 15€ and then, for more designer duds, you can check out Farfetch, Matches (up to 70% off), Flannels (up to 80% off) and My Theresa.

I, for one, am done. Now it’s back to my 2013 piggy bank resolutions…

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