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I loved my time in the US. I had the best time there, made the most wonderful friends and definitely spent some of my most special moments there. I also loved coming back home to Slovenia and I love living in France now with my little family but there are quite a few things about the US that I often find myself missing (aside from my lovely girlfriends of course). I miss the convenience of everything, I miss Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s, I (quite horribly, probably) miss a Starbucks on every corner and I miss missing out on lots of really great online services that haven’t branched out to the old continent yet.

The Honest Company

Ever since its launch in January, I’ve been itching to try the Honest products out. Its founders, actress Jessica Alba and former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World Christopher Gavigan launched Honest as an effort to help parents give their children a safer, better, eco-friendly start.

The Honest range includes baby products such as diapers and baby wipes, bath & body care products, as well as household & cleaning necessities. Their products feature beautiful designs and are (most importantly) 100% non-toxic, sustainable, bio degradable and all that other good stuff you would want for your family and yourself. When signing up, you can order the diaper & baby wipe package or the cleaning supply package, which will then be delivered to your door each month. Can you picture this, a monthly supply of uber adorable and eco-friendly diapers delivered to your door every month?  I’m extremely jealous of all the US mommies that get to take advantage of this. Really, really jelly ladies 🙂


StyleMint is another great service launched by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen that lets you enjoy monthly stylist services, gives you your very own personal showroom and lets you select a piece from the selection each month for just $29,99. You can skip a month whenever you want to at no charge. Their T’s are absolutely amazing and I think I already talked about the super cute Selby skirt I found on there. If you can, I suggest you take this one…If not you can just sign up for the profile, it might get you some styling tips + you can then join me in crossing fingers for them to get international shipping ASAP. Another service from the Mint branch worth checking out is JewelMint, which is a collaboration between actress Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter.

Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Crate is a wonderful company that lets you sign up for a monthly or annual subscription (only $19.95/month + free shipping) during which they send you a crate each month filled with different and incredibly creative arts and crafts projects for your little ones. The crates are designed for kids between ages of 3 and 7 and have also been tried and tested by kids (all together now…) between the ages of 3 and 7. They strive to inspire and encourage creativity and self expression in little children through the process of making and building from different materials that are developmentally appropriate. I love it where we live but I’m having difficulties finding a place for Lara where she could express herself creatively in the company of other kiddies. We try to do as much as we can at home but I, admittedly, am not the craftiest of people. + I just love the idea of getting a different set of arts and crafts to do each month. It beats the routine and just judging by the looks of the crates, I’m thinking I’d want to join in on the fun as well.

(Images: Honest Company, StyleMint, Kiwi Crate

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