Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Is Here!


Hello again and happy weekend! I’ve been wanting to share this post for like 10 days now but we were in Umag, Croatia last week with the kiddos and a couple of my girlfriends and their kids and I dumbly left my computer charger at home.

After taking two days to finally get some decent WiFi I finally turn on my computer to find I only have a little battery left and no charger. I was upset for the entire afternoon because I realized I will get absolutely nothing done and then I finally realized I was being super silly, I was supposed to be hanging out and taking it easy so I just said oh well, it’s a holiday and I guess it’s a sign to kind of let go for a few days. So I did!

But I was also really anxious to show you guys a few of my favorite picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, which is so, so good! I used to love shopping in Nordstrom when I was still in the US and I admit that I miss it dearly here in Europe. They do ship internationally though and with the amazing prices it’s definitely worth it. With sales like these I always try to snag those pieces by American brands and designers that aren’t as widely available in Europe yet.

P.S. Speaking of sales, our Lemon Mamas sale is still happening until the end of August! Still a couple of awesome home items and stylish clothing left.

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