Monday Denim Blues

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Sometimes you can walk into an H&M store and find the holy grail of casual dresses. At least that’s what happened to me last week when I went to return some unfortunate jewelry purchases, mainly rings which I couldn’t fit past the nail of my pinky finger. How I thought I was going to fit those babies on is beyond me. Large knuckles aside, I immediately spotted this denim number and practically ran in its direction. My size was the first in the row so obviously I knew that we were meant to be and were going to be very happy together. 

And we are guys, we are. Did I mention it’s from their eco-conscious collection? I mean those collections are spot on. Remember this jacket? I have a bit of a bad track record with denim dresses, I’ve been trying to find the right one for the longest time and just have a couple of unfortunate purchases to show for myself, which needed to be returned. But now I think I’ve found the one.

Lara on the other hand ran towards this after I told her we’re getting her a new pair of PJ’s. I did my best to steer her in a different direction but she wasn’t having it. Then again, who am I to judge, I used to wear denim orange plaid overalls. And I was quite a bit older. so My Little Pony it is.

Also, Polaroid sunglasses. Who would have thunk it. Finally found my alternative to Ray Ban wayfarers (for about half the price too!), which seem to look amazing on just about everyone but me. Am I the only one that finds that tilt troubling?

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monday-blues6 (1 of 1)(Dress: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sunglasses: Polaroid, Rings: H&M (a few that did fit :-))

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