Magic Bela Bracelets


If there was ever an every girl/mom amazing jewelry invention, the Bela Bracelets are definitely IT!

When I stumbled across them the other day on Instagram, I literally said out loud: “Well, this is just genius!”. To which Vid said: “What is?”. And I replied: “You are 🙂 “.

I know a thing or two about marriage.

Back to Bela Bracelets. They’re the magic solution to all your hair tie problems. If you’re like me and you love wearing bracelets but you feel like your essential black hair ties are kind of ruining your arm party (which they are BTW), then these are the answer you’ve been looking for. Bela Bracelets, making hair ties classy since, well not sure how long, but they’re classy now.

You can choose from two different options, classic and grooved. I love the rose gold grooved but since I’m currently really into silver/white gold, especially on my left arm, I think I’m grabbing that one.


The classic is designed for regular black athletic bands. If you’re like me and use the thinner version of those, I’d go for the grooved one. I also prefer the stainless option to brass, just because it’s more durable and won’t stain or wear out as easily. Neither options contain nickel so you’re safe there. They also come in sets of three or more if you’re into stacking your bracelets (YES!). Oh, and you can add this dainty leaflet bracelet to it to make it even more stylish.

I think these are just so pretty and functional and affordable. I love them. Not to mention, they’d make a great gift for that busy lady in your life.

Honestly, black hair ties have never looked so good!


Shipping to Europe (France) is about 14€ and you can order on Etsy or their official website.

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