Mad Hatter…


The start of this week was impressive. Truly people, it was one for the books. Not only did I brush my teeth with face cream (Nivea in case you’re wondering) on Monday morning, I proceeded to miss my mouth when drinking coffee , and Lara and I confidently rocked rain boots on the sunniest of days. In my defense it did look like rain in the morning.

Today wasn’t much better, I cleaned the apartment so well I knocked over a glass of orange juice onto a beige carpet WITH the actual vacuum cleaner, thus making it a lot worse before it got better. I’m not even going to get into the amount of work I still have to do because well, I’m in denial. But I put on a dress nonetheless (yup, that’s a rhyme right there) and my new oversized over everything beanie and went on about my business pretending it wasn’t windy or cold and I didn’t most likely just lose my mind. Thank God for these pictures; they’re proof my head is still attached to my neck…






(Cardigan: Zara, Dress: Women’s Secret, Tights: Zara, Beanie & Scarf: ASOS, Boots: Marc By Marc Jacobs, Rings: H&M, Bracelets: Petite Co)

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