Zen Eyes With Eye Buy Direct

Earlier this year I started getting pretty bad headaches towards the end of the day.  I has no idea what was happening because I’m not a headache-y person but it was definitely annoying enough that I couldn’t just ignore it. My eyes were also getting super itchy/dry and when I was working in front of the computer I could literally feel the fatigue. Since we were working full force on getting Lemon Mamas started, I was practically spending every minute I could get on the computer.


THE PENINSULA (available in matte green)

Since I had my eyes checked two years ago and they were fine I didn’t feel like it was a vision problem. Ultimately, my friend told me to go and get screen protective glasses that protect your eyes from the light emitted by screens and thus reduce eye fatigue. I went and my eye doctor actually did prescribe a small correction and physical therapy for my eyes because apparently they tend to widen (or something like that) and that also causes the fatigue, along with spending all that time in front of a screen. I was actually glad to have something that finally explained the headaches.

Obviously, I hopped on to the chance to make glasses a style statement too. I went to one of the stores in town picked out a frame, the optician helped me with my insurance coverage and lens choice and BOOM, holy smokes eyeglasses are expensive! I had no idea…

Anyways, fast forward I got the glasses I liked but I was still on the lookout for another solution that would get me fun, trendy glasses but without the insane prices! Enter Eye Buy Direct, a company dedicated to providing stylish glasses and lenses at affordable prices. You can get prescription glasses, sunglasses, screen protection glasses and all at a great price point. For screen protection glasses they have two options: EyeZen lenses, which feature a precision engineered blue light filter, they facilitate reading, they’re scratch and water resistant, anti reflection and anti UV, and then the EBD Blue lens with a proprietary blue light filter and anti reflection and anti UV properties.

Honestly, I’ve noticed such a difference after wearing glasses for screen time and for reading. The doctor told me to use them for driving as well but admittedly I forget most of the time. I don’t have nearly as many headaches since I’ve started wearing them and my eyes don’t burn at all anymore. It took me some time to get used to them and they felt really weird in the beginning so I asked my friend who’s an optician about it and she told me that’s totally normal because your eyes were used to straining in order to process everything and now they don’t have to anymore so obviously it feels a little weird.


Eye Buy Direct has a ton of different styles, the process of ordering is super easy and your glasses are on your doorstep within days. They also have multiple websites for different countries, including France, which is where I got mine. They also have a promotion running right now: for each pair you buy, you get one free!

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