How to: Revamp your closet and find inspiration

So, I have been doing this thing every morning – opening my closet and standing there for 20 minutes thinking to myself: “I have nothing to wear”. Which is absolutely not true but is unfortunately more than a common feeling. You can probably relate to that right?

Well a little over a year ago I found a solution to my perpetual wardrobe issue by starting to mix my (really) old clothes and match them with my new ones (clothing hoarders are going to love this idea!). I started spending time online in order to find inspiration and revive some of my older pieces. Some of my preferred sites have since become the LookBook.nu (probably one of the best fashion lookbook sources online) and a couple of  other different fashion blogs.

Here is what I do in order to mix up my wardrobe:

  1. I find different looks I like online
  2. I search for pieces of clothes that look similar to mine
  3. I get styling ideas, see what works and most importantly I try to think outside the box. You know, have some fun. Sometimes I even write “red pants” (or another specific piece) in the search box, just to get an idea which colors could go with them. It gets me inspired, gives me a different outlook on what I could do with those red pants and shows me outfit combos that I wouldn’t even think of otherwise.

So the dilemma of what to use from my existing closet is somewhat solved.

Now comes the tricky part … Shopping. Since I started mixing things up and trying out different things, I became that girl who comes to a store and likes…well, everything! I can find a way to wear anything, which makes shopping a real task because I just don’t know what to choose. So, the only way to avoid going bankrupt in a situation where you like so many things is to set up a budget and decide how much you are going to spend each month on your wardrobe. It might seem crazy but it really helps. You can go even further and try and narrow it down to a few key pieces.

But the ultimate point is that every piece you get can be special if you know how to style it. Since I started looking online for outfit tips and ideas I stopped suffering from buyer’s remorse. I found an inspiration for every single item in my closet (even stuff I haven’t worn in years. Well, maybe not the belly shirts but you get the point!) So, even when you think you bought something you will NEVER wear, think again, look for inspiration and it will surely fit perfectly with the right shoes, tights or a piece of necklace. And in the end if you’re looking to throw something out but are unsure, you can just check whether there is a way you can use it, and if there isn’t, you have your answer!

Just please don’t buy a pair of Crocs, that would make your life difficult 😉

Hope this helps solve at least a few of your wardrobe dilemmas…


(Images: LovelyPepa, Connected To Fashion, Lookbook.nu

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  • Marie.

    I did not know “LookBook.nu” and I havent been disappointed, this site is fantastic. http://lookbook.nu/look/3049423-MY-HEART-SKIPS-A-BEAT I love the girl’s ring but I can not find the store of “Jewelry” (store where she could buy this ring) Do you know if this store exists in France? thank you 🙂

  • Tereza

    Hey! The jewelry is from Primark – http://www.primark.co.uk/ You can buy everything online. Happy shopping 😉