From Chic to Unique with Babatude

Have you heard about Babatude yet? If not, you’re definitely going to hear about them in the future. This unique (and uber cute) e-shop was just launched two weeks ago and is already gaining momentum as one of the must-visit shops for little kiddies and their mamas and papas. And rightfully so, as their collection features the most adorable furniture (lots of which can be personalized for your child), organic clothing (triple yay from me over here), bath & body care as well as some very pretty jewelry for both kiddies, mommies & daddies. I think personalized jewelry is a big thing when you have little ones, at least for me. It’s a way to keep my daughter close to me when I’m working during the day and I’m always on the lookout to find a suitable trinket for her to wear with our names as well.

The lovely team behind Babatude has teamed up with incredible artists and designers from around the globe in order to put together a selection of products that would be as unique and one of a kind as it is eco-friendly. They offer whimsical products that can’t just be found anywhere + as their shop is so versatile, you’re sure to find something suitable for every age group. Pretty coolesome (not an actual word, I know) huh?

I mean can we discuss these gorgeous bird house lights? Or these personalized bracelets for men? I don’t think nearly enough attention is paid to the cool daddies in our lives when it comes to online shopping so I was really happy to find these cool bracelets. The BF is not usually big on them but I think he would more than like this one. I’m not even going to tell you how this beautiful organic halter dress makes me want to be pregnant again. Hmm maybe I could get it just in case and wear it without the belly until then? Honestly, I don’t know where these gorgeous maternity clothes were hiding when I was pregnant!

Babatude has another awesome perk up its sleeve and that’s worldwide delivery! + Here’s a big list of products that enjoys FREE global delivery. That sound? Just me shrieking with excitement, sorry 🙂

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