New Bag Favorites: The Elle & The Beau

I’m a big bag person. The bigger the better and I usually tend to gravitate towards satchel/tote/cross body like bags for my everyday business. I carry a ton of things with me on a daily basis so the only time a small bag or a clutch is actually viable is for a date night or a night out on the town. One of these days I’m going to show you what’s in my bag and I promise you that half the things in there have absolutely nothing to do with the previously mentioned everyday business, make up or anything that belongs in my age group for that matter. It’s more of a 3 year old girl’s on-the-go storage bin.


That said I’ve been seriously considering a more structured like purse for my next imaginary bag investment. Because obviously kid’s storage bins needs some structure. No but seriously, structured bags equal chic and ladylike in my opinion, and while I don’t necessarily consider myself either these things per se (unless ladies can walk around with unwashed hair for days and have more sneakers than actual shoes), I think I could definitely handle Rebecca Minkoff’s new “Elle” bag or Kate Spade’s “Beau”. The Beau in particular has been on my mind ever since I first caught a glimpse of it in this fun video below. Aren’t Kate Spade videos just the cutest? Remember this?

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