Envie De Fraise?


I’m not sure if I mentioned Envie De Fraise two years ago when I was pregnant with Lev but it’s a great French brand for stylish maternity wear. I had a couple of things from them when I was pregnant and I really loved them. They’re well fitting, trendy AND affordable.

Especially towards the end of my pregnancy when it was getting pretty hot out and I entered beached whale state I really enjoyed a few of their dresses because breezy clothes were pretty much all I could tolerate.


I still check it from time to time even though I’m not pregnant and on occasion I wish certain items were available in non-preggers version as well. Well, my wish just came true because they’ve recently come out with a limited edition family collection that includes clothes for the mama, the papa and the kiddos.

Because getting matching clothes with Lara is kind of the corniest dream I ever had but I love it nonetheless. Check out the collection here

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