émoi émoi: The Place For A Mama To Be


When I was pregnant with Lara, I was utterly clueless when it comes to maternity wear. I refused to buy much because of God knows what reason and so by the time I gave birth I owned all but one pair of maternity jeans and two maternity shirts. Not that buying maternity wear is absolutely necessary but admittedly walking around with unbuttoned jeans get very uncomfortable once you’ve hit the 7th month mark (at least that’s when I officially hit shelf/whale status). Instead, I just relied on leggings towards the end of my pregnancy, which was fine I suppose but it would have been nice to dress it up every once in a while too.

I have no clue why it didn’t occur to me to just focus on getting a few pieces that would work during my pregnancy and after it. I mean the oversized shirt and sweater look is kind of what I live by so truthfully I have no clue what I was thinking. I probably wasn’t because, hey I was pregnant and pregnancy brain is sort of something I totally excelled at.

Also, at the time there was no émoi émoi yet because if there was, this maternity concept store would have been an ABSOLUTE pregnancy life saver. Created by Adèle Bounine and Nathalie Fargeon in April 2010 (that’s when Lara was born folks!) it’s THE go-to destination for everything pregnancy related. Émoi émoi features gorgeous maternity wear, tons of natural beauty products and anything else you might need for when the time comes like diaper bags, baby slings and nursing fashion.

Basically, it’s a pretty spectacular place for a mama to be.

Émoi émoi is based in France but they ship internationally to 40 countries.

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  • Åsa

    That dress is fab!