Dungaree Love


I told my friend Åsa the other day that I’m getting a pair of short dungarees (overalls for some) and she looked at me in a way that said: «Who are you? ». And then she said it also, so I know that’s what she meant. Her question obviously related to the fact that I’m getting a pair of dungarees, which technically in no way fit what I usually wear, and not to who I really am, you know, as a person. Even if, I’m actually still figuring it out on both counts; both in terms of personal style and who I am and all that deep personal soul searching. But personal style or not, I’m getting a pair of dungarees because I think they look cool and they take me back to the place when questions like “Who are you?” didn’t matter much yet. By the way, did this paragraph confuse you?


In case you don’t remember, I’ve already pondered the ever present question of dungarees last summer. I couldn’t find a suitable pair back then, but as I always say, there is no fashion “emergency” that ASOS can’t eventually fix (I like these & these. Both pictured above). I really do say that. To anyone that will listen.


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