Dear Santa…For Him


Full disclosure: I love everything on this gift guide and would 100% get it for my own bearded dude. Well, I’d get the whiskey wedge for myself… But that’s just me!

  1. The James Bond film collection. The 2015 version features all 23 movies, while the Bond 50 features 22. You can also get the full collection on Apple TV, in case DVD’s are no longer his thing.
  2. J. Crew cotton cashmere sweater. Nice, cozy, and stylish.
  3. The Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit. You can choose from a variety of different beers, depending on what the man in question prefers. Personally, I think this is just the most fantastic gift ever for a beer loving dude…
  4. And for the whiskey loving dude, the amazing Whiskey Wedge. Just awesome, because no more watered down whiskey! (also available on Amazon, pretty much everywhere).
  5. The Voyager from This is Ground is pretty much the best travel bag I’ve ever encountered. It’s a splurge though…
  6. The Tech Dopp Kit from This is Ground is a more pocket friendly alternative but is just as stylish and practical.
  7. Personalized Shaving Kit for the bearded dude. I love personalized gifts and I’ve personally ordered fro this Etsy shop before and they’re great.
  8. Organic Beard Oil from Skin & Tonic. You know, to go with the shaving kit. All natural!
  9. Darth Vader & Son book. It’s the funnest & cutest thing ever, perfect for Star Wars fans.
  10. With Great Beard Comes Great Responsibilty. Need I say more?

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