Dalla Nonna Jewelry for your special day

I’ve been looking for a piece of jewelry to mark my daughter’s birthday or her name for quite some time. I already have a lovely bracelet that has “My Little Girl” written on it (Thomas Sabo), which I thought to eventually engrave but then I came across Dalla Nonna a few months ago and have wanted one of their calendar necklaces ever since (insert huge 26th birthday hint here).

Just the story behind Dalla Nonna is special enough to make you want to get one of their beautiful pieces. Dalla Nonna translates from Italian to “from the grandmother” and their entire jewelry line is very vintage inspired. (By the way, are you sensing a bit of a vintage theme in my recent posts as well? I swear my boyfriend just told me if he hears me utter the word vintage one more time he is going to turn off the listen switch. Well, I love it so here it goes: vintageeeee!).

The design team behind Dalla Nonna’s jewelery are Rebecca Richards & Jessica Bohrer, who used to be college roommates and are now lawyers by day and jewelry designers by night. Two very busy ladies indeed! The Dalla Nonna signature piece is the calendar necklace, which includes a sapphire stone to mark your special day. You can change the colors of the stone or even choose an extra one if that’s your preference. Stunning, and oh so pretty!

Pricing depends on the model and whether you choose 14k gold or sterling silver and they ship in between 3-6 weeks (also depends on which design you get). International shipping is $55 + probable custom duties. Clearly, this is a one off special occasion present, perfect for baby presents, anniversaries, wedding gifts, and last but not least 26th birthday presents 🙂

(Images: Dalla Nonna)

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  • http://twitter.com/RaphaelleLory RaphaL Lory Huérfana

    I love that kind of gift that is original  is very nice,I did not know at all ( je ne connaisais pas du tout)

  • Anamizioznikov

    I purchased a white gold calendar necklace from Dalla Nonna with a white sapphire, which was a mistake on my part because the special marked date, my daughter’s birthdate, is not visible at all. When I contacted Dalla Nonna to see if the white sapphire could be exchanged for another stone that could be more visible, they replied that they were sorry but that it could not be done but that I could purchase another necklace. Well, I paid over $600 for the necklace so to buy another it’s not really easy for me. Then they told me I could buy a silver one for $75 plus shipping. What’s the point? The white gold one is the one I wanted. I was also told they could try to exchange the stone but that if something went wrong, then they won’t be responsible and I had to pay $40 plus all shipping costs. So I’m stuck with a necklace I don’t love although I paid over $600. I do like the concept of the necklace and it is well made I must say but the rest of my experience was not the greatest.

  • Snug779

    I paid $630 for my necklace and I think it looks like a dog tag. Plus the clasp constantly moves to the front.