My Next Christmas Favorites


When I was on my maternity leave, I have become a big fan of online shopping. The reason why was because it was very convenient. I truly wished to enjoy the daytime with my little one and instead of going to the store in search for something (if that something could even be found) I could freely enjoy the daytime with Mark and buy anything I want once he was asleep. So in that period of time I discovered an amazing UK online store Next.

I am in love with their baby/toddler collection, but they are much more than that. Not only do they amazing stuff for the tiny ones, they also offer a great collection for younger and older girls and boys, clothing, shoes and accessories for women and men, and now they even added a home and furniture department to their store.

Some of these below are currently in my cart 🙂next-boysThe thing about next is they have the cutest outfits for the little ones, you can find about anything you wish for on there webpage,  plus it is very affordable. The quality of clothing is very good and to top it off, they offer free shipping in Europe. How amazing is that? They also offer international shipping, so overall they are covering up to 72 countries (even USA).

For example, you can never go wrong with basics such as these or these.

Moreover, UK next webpage also offers flowers delivery within UK and for example this is where you can shop the Kardashian collection (for anyone who is a true fan of them or just curious to check out their collection).

And so far, I have chosen these for me:


xOxO Leja

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