Cambridge Satchels Now In Gorgeous Pastels

Remember my excitement about the Cambridge Satchel Company‘s neon collection and pretty much their satchels in general? Well, I’m not sure how I missed this in July but they have a super sweet summer collection that includes gorgeous, and I mean really gorgeous, pastels. I’m not much of a pastel girl myself to be honest BUT I’m pretty much head over heels with the uber cute baby blue (or the Duck Egg Blue as it’s officially called) and lemon shades. The convenient cross body style, the quality the Cambridge Satchel Company is known for, and the super sweet pastel colors certainly make these bags one of this fall’s absolute must haves. They’re definitely mine…


Remember, they come in three different sizes so you can choose the one that suits you best. I think I’d get the 13-inch one just to make sure I can fit in everything I carry around on a daily basis (rocks and stuff :-)) and luckily prices don’t vary that much if you go bigger.

(Images: The Cambridge Satchel Company

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