Bright Lips, Polka Dots & a Few Words on Personal Style…

…Bad weather, don’t care. Humidity is coming down hard again but it’s almost mid September and the impending fall is getting me giddy with excitement even if the clouds are gloomier and the pictures darker. Plus I found polka dot pants in my closet!

Anyways, I’ve wanted to say a few words about my personal style, these pictures and basically all the outfit posts I’ve been doing and will continue to do. I’m not particularly comfortable with posing or being in front of the camera. I may like the idea of it but truthfully it’s very much out of my comfort zone and always has been. But this blog and many other things in my life have recently encouraged me to express myself a bit more creatively and to not be afraid of doing so. I’ve always been excited about clothes and putting them together but I haven’t always had the time or the opportunity. When I was in college (and long before that) my life was very sport oriented and sweats were basically what my days were all about; something I really enjoyed at the time. My two jobs after graduation were very protocol driven and that isn’t really my style either. So it’s been a bit difficult for me to both find what works for me and of course to put it out there as well.

But now I have the time and the opportunity to express and enjoy this part of me a little more (and a boyfriend who likes to take pictures and started dabbling in photography) so I’ve been eager to try and do things a bit differently and explore this part of myself a bit more. Sometimes what I put together works, sometimes not as much. And that’s fine. Sometimes it works for me (and only me) and not for others. I’m determined not to be afraid of that and see where this “fearlessness” takes me.

That said I don’t want this to become the very sole focus of my blog but rather a part that complements it. These outfit posts are not staged photo shoots that I prepare for. These are the clothes I actually wear as I go on about my day. We usually take the pictures in the morning or on my lunch break in between my job and my boyfriend’s practices and we have about 3 whole minutes to do it. That’s it! And honestly, in between our hectic lives that’s pretty much all the time we have during the week to do so. And we will continue taking pictures as long as it’s fun and what works for us. If I’m not feeling it, I’m not forcing it. There’s always another day. But one thing I always feel and always work on is this blog; this place where I share everything that inspires me in my daily life. I am proud of it and it will continue to be an outlet for me to express and share these things with you on a daily basis. You know the little & big things that make our lives brighter! Be it my family, friends, good food, great books, a more organic and conscious way of living and yes, ultimately, cute outfits too. And I truly hope you’ll tag along for the ride…

(Sweatshirt: Illustrated People; Pants: Sud Express; Shoes: Now; Bag: Loeffler Randall for Target; Watch: IceWatch; Ring: H&M; Bracelet: Haute Betts)

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