Bike Loving


Right before it got really chilly last fall, Lari and I have started biking to daycare and work in the mornings. She absolutely loves it and it’s sort of a way for me to get the bare minimum of exercise in, since apparently I decided the gym was the very devil. So naturally we can’t wait for spring to truly kick in again so we can take the bike out and enjoy our morning and afternoon rides.

Below’s a little bike inspired collage. I love the pretty bike baskets and would love to get a super cute one for ours. I found this green one from the Moma store but I also love the big white straw ones. Of course a fun cropped jean is ever practical on a bike, along with a little bike planter that would personalize it even more. And of course a sweater for those chilly spring mornings.


1. Hello Merch Hello Organic Sweatshirt 2. Me & Zena Dream Wheelz Necklace 3. Bike Planter from Etsy 4. Meckela Basket Bag 5. Bike Flared Mug 6. Green Bike Basket 7. J.Crew Liberty Jean in Emma and Georgina Floral




(Images via here, here, here & here)

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