A High Heel Wearer in Training

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In case you’re rubbing your eyes thinking “this isn’t real, there is no way she’s wearing high shoes that aren’t some sort of sneaker wedge”, think again because this is as real as it gets. I am wearing high shoes, it is just another Friday, I still had to run after my kid, go to work AND the grocery store, and I survived. No questions asked.

How a self proclaimed flats/sneaker wearer has achieved this you ask? Well, this is where the sneaker wedges come into play. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Here we go again. And yes, we are going there again but for the sole (no pun intended) purpose of explaining that sneaker wedges have turned out to be the best possible training a committed flats wearer could get.

If you know me or read this blog, you know that high heels to me are the equivalent of a shoe boogeyman and that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them in the light of day unless someone paid me to do so or I was banned from a certain place I wanted to go to if I didn’t wear them. But all this started to change when I got my greedy feet into a pair of Isabel Marant’s Willow sneakers last spring. Suddenly I was a few inches taller during the light of day but not in that scary “oh my God I feel like a giant monster” kind of way. They were comfortable and in turn made me comfortable being both taller and wearing a pair of shoes with a little kick in daytime hours. Slowly my thinking toward heels and other types of high shoes began to change. I got a pair of casual wedge sandals I wore quite a bit during the day in summer, which went down well.  And then one night I put on a pair of real high heels and suddenly I could walk! Like walk walk, not “oh my God please take my hand so I don’t fall down and make a fool of myself” walk, which is my usual walk on those nights out.

This was good news. I continued this with a pair of Zara’s version of Dicker boots in the fall and graduated to these H&M booties in the winter. So far so well, I haven’t sprained an ankle, nor has the fact that I’m a few inches taller made me feel like the awkward tall girl in the room. In fact, I think that putting on a pair of high heeled shoes really does do something for your confidence. And before I get some serious backlash from the ultimate stiletto, high heel wearing ladies who are probably now thinking something along the lines of “please, these are wedges, you’re such an amateur”, may I just say that, yes, I am an amateur but this is what effort looks like people! A small step for the Carrie Bradshaw crowd and a huge one for yours truly.

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(Jeggings: Gap, Sweater, Denim Shirt & Bag: Zara, Booties: H&M)

P.S. During this time I’ve also perfected the “talking while someone is taking your picture” look and the “awkward photos in front of a yellow wall” look. You’re so very welcome.

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  • Dana

    really nice bag and sweatshirt 🙂

    • stylelemon

      Thank you so much! I got them both at Zara on huge sale. Totally worth it 🙂