A Conversational Monday

First of all happy Monday everyone. I’m usually the first person to carry on the Monday blues but today I’m just very happy because our lives seem to have resumed to semi normal status + we have a new baby in the family, a little bundle of joy a.k.a my new niece Zala!

I’m very excited for my little girl to return to daycare because she loves it there (a little fact that was confirmed when she immediately abandoned me this morning to play with her little buddies) and I want her to have as much fun as possible regardless of the little health bump she is going through, and to be honest, huddling up mostly at home for 2 weeks straight was starting to get a bit boring for her. I think taking her back was probably more difficult for me, I loved having some extra quality time with her and it’s going to be weird not playing for 24h straight.

On the other hand, I’m also happy to get back to work. Firstly, because the increasing amount of emails in my inbox was starting to become worrisome and secondly, because when it all comes down to it, I like going to work and I missed it (you’re probably thinking I’m a freak at this point!). So, I’m happy. Of course, we still have the BF at home that needs some TLC but I promise we’re taking good care of him.

And now to the other two reasons I’m such a ray of sunshine today:

  • I discovered a super cute new e-shop, called Conversation Pieces (love the name!) that sells super cute unique clothing, accessories and footwear, all at super cute prices. The shop supports indie fashion from all around the world and I promise you dear friends, you will be able to score some seriously great finds. I absolutely adore this innocence necklace and not so vanilla blouse + I also found some very stylish, basic T’s and dresses that would totally one up my spring wardrobe. You’re welcome darlings…

US shipping is $7, while international shipping is $12, so all very affordable.


  • We have our L.O.V. Project giveaways winner. And the lucky reader is Tina!!! Thank you everyone for participating, don’t worry there will be more to come, and congrats again to Tina. Have fun accessorizing and please send me your email, address & all that other good stuff to info@stylelemon.com.

(Images: Conversation Pieces)

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  • Polona

    Love the cardigan, love the dress, love the…oh who am I kidding – I love it all!!!