Winter Skin Saver

Trilogy-Ultra-Hydrating-Face-Cream2Wintertime is usually pretty hard on my skin. It gets really dry and flaky thanks to the combination of cold and heating and while I do my best to stay consistently hydrated, I’ve got to admit that drinking as much water as I should isn’t really my forté. Day creams I use when the weather is warmer don’t really cut it anymore as I tend to need something a wee bit heavier but not something that would clog my pores etc.

Oh, and I much, much prefer for it to be organic and icky stuff free. So I decided to give Trilogy Ultra Hydrating Face cream a try and I couldn’t be more pleased. To be perfectly honest, I’ve always found finding the perfect face cream a bit tricky and have had to rely mostly on trial and error when choosing. Unfortunately, the selection is a bit limited in the stores I frequent so I’ve often had to resort to online purchases and we all know how those can go when it comes to skincare products. So I’m really happy that I got this one right on the first try and I really recommend it for anyone who’s facing the same wintertime skin woes.

And just in case you were wondering all Trilogy products are made with natural and organic ingredients, environmentally friendly practices and have not been tested on animals, nor do they include and petroleum derived products or silicone oils and its derivatives.

I got mine from Naturisimo because I got a few stocking fillers as well and their shipping is free worldwide but you can also order their products straight from the official website.

P.S A post with my other winter beauty essentials will be up tomorrow so stay tuned!

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