Winter Hands


This might be a little random but this winter has been super rough on my hands. I have no idea why because I made a real effort to wear gloves and everything but it didn’t help at all. Seriously, my skin hasn’t been cracking this bad since my tennis days, when we spent winters in Barcelona playing outside and the skin on my hands would crack.

I think it’s because I’ve been obsessively washing my hands because I’ve been picking up dog poop and I’m also petrified of getting another stomach virus. And in turn I haven’t been moisturizing enough so the hand washing in combination with the cold, and I’ve got myself some fancy cracked dry skin.

I’ve been trying to fix it with the Avène Cold Cream and La Roche Posay’s Cicaplast and nothing was working. The Caudalie hand cream I used to use gives me a weird reaction and I get spots all over my hands so that was out too. I’ve even had to take off my rings because the skin between my fingers got super dry and the rings were irritating it even more. Anyways, by the beginning of last week I was feeling pretty desperate and my hands would literally sting.

Until I picked up Marilou’s Organic hand cream with Argan oil. Truthfully, it was kind of random and I was actually looking for Neutrogena’s hand cream but they didn’t have it so in a desperate move to just soothe my hands while running errands I picked up this one.

I’ve been using it since last Wednesday and my hands have gotten significantly better. They’re softer, my skin is slowly recovering and the smell is really nice and subtle too.

Marilou is a French organic brand that I’ve actually seen in pharmacies here before but never tried it. They have an entire range of products with argan oil and I’m eager to try their eye contour gel and multi purpose cream. I feel like the latter, blended in with a some foundation or highlighter would make a really nice, glowy base. And the eye gel… Well, that’s always needed hahaha!

I’ve got another beauty post coming up this week with my January beauty buys and an amazing new product I’ve been using. Stay tuned!

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