Very, Very Late (March) Beauty Buys

Hey folks! Confession, I took these photos back in March, right before we left for Slovenia and totally forgot about them. I’ve already stocked up on April beauty buys since then so I’m thinking there will be two beauty posts coming up to you this week. I hope haha! I’ve been working on a couple of other things in the past weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to tell you about them soon but until then, here’s what I picked up back in March (insert embarrassed monkey emoji).

At the same time, admittedly March actually wasn’t that successful in terms of beauty buys. A NYX store opened in Montpellier and I was really eager to try a few of their products, only to end up kind of disappointed with most of them. I picked up their cream contouring palette in Medium, which frankly, I think was a mistake since I find it a bit dark once applied. Especially the contour brown. I can still use it if I really blend it out but I’m also not a huge fan of the consistency. It’s a little too waxy for me and I, quite honestly, probably don’t really know how to apply it so it would look good. I use a sponge for it, which I also bought at NYX but for the life of me I just can’t grow to love it. I’ll keep trying but no promises. However, the price point is pretty good so that’s a positive.

The second thing I picked up at NYX was this Lingerie matte liquid lipstick. Again, I was totally off with the color, it’s way too pastel-ish for me and I have no idea why I thought that would look good on me. Maybe in the summer with a tan, we will see! The second thing that really bothered me with this was that it really, really dried up my lips. In general I have to be really careful with matte lipsticks and this one definitely doesn’t work for me. What’s good though is that there are literally so many colors to choose from, so if liquid matte is your think, go check out their selection.

The third thing I bought though, I absolutely love! It’s the NYX eyelid primer and it’s absolutely fantastic. It makes my eye shadow last the whole day, it applies so much better and it just overall preps my lids so well. I took the skin colored shade and I swear it just takes care of those shadows I’ve got on my eyes. So, so good and again, excellent price point.

And the fourth and final item I picked up were these nail polish BE GONE remover wipes, which I’m truly obsessed with. One is enough for one hand, they smell amazing and are incredibly gentle. Plus they’re super practical for traveling.

So I guess two out of four finally isn’t that bad haha!

Last but not least, I finally got my hands on one of Pixi cosmetics most anticipated products, their Pixi + Caroline Hirons double cleanser. It’s actually pretty good that it took me so long to write this post because it really gave me a chance to try it out and I’ve almost run out of it already actually. So here goes my review.

I’ve never used a solid oil cleanser so this was a first. It took me a few days to get used to it and initially I just wasn’t loving it. One of the reasons I got the double cleanser was to reduce the number of steps in my nighttime ritual but at first I felt as if it wasn’t getting all of my makeup off and I just ended up doing the double cleanser, plus what I did before. After a few days I figured out (kudos to me for not reading the box) that you’re supposed to use a cloth with it so once I’ve incorporated that, it finally made sense. I fell in love with it! I still don’t use the cloth every day, especially if I’m not actually removing any make up but the double cleanse routine has been working out really well.

The solid oil will basically melt off that first layer of makeup and the reason I love it so much is because it still leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft. It’s also super gentle on the eyes.  The cream part will sort of seal the deal and remove anything that remains. If I have a lot of makeup on, I will use the cloth to wipe of the solid oil part and I just use water to remove the cream part. It has ultimately sped up my nighttime routine and knowing I can be done in 3 minutes makes the whole make up removing part of the evening a lot less daunting. I will definitely be re-purchasing once I’m done.

OK, that’s it for March (in May), I’ll be back this week with April beauty buys, which include some treats I picked up in Slovenia.

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