The Make Up Eraser

Hi everyone, I hope you had a good start to your week. Mine was a bit difficult, we had a birthday party on Sunday and turns out, now that I’m 30, I need like 3 days to recover from anything that even slightly resembles a party. I’m also still battling a pretty nasty cold (still going on from last week), which doesn’t make things any better. Ugh! It was fun though 🙂

I wanted to tell you about a product I’ve recently started using and have been absolutely loving.

makeup-eraser2Ladies, I give you the Make Up Eraser! I have to admit I was totally skeptic about this. A polyester towel that takes all your make up off with nothing but warm water? Yeah, OK. But it really, really works. My cotton pad consumption has gone waaaaay down since on most days all I do is clean my make up off with this and then I use my Yes To Cucumbers gel cleanser after. Once a week I throw the makeup eraser in the wash and  that is it! It’s sooo good and one Make Up Eraser lasts up to a 1000 washes.


I always wash and rinse it with water after I use it and then just leave it out to dry until the next night. Since I put it in the wash at the end of each week, I make sure I still clean my skin with a gel cleanser after but I do that even when I use my regular Bioderma Créaline H20 and cotton pad combo.

It’s a fun switch in the routine and it’s actually a lot faster than using cotton pads. I’m really diligent about taking all the dirt off so the pads can take quite a while, which is probably why I procrastinate doing it so much every evening. But this really speeds up the process. Plus, it’s sooo soft!

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