Supergoop Your Skin This Summer

First order of the day for summer beauty essentials is sunscreen, duhh! If you’ve been following this blog you probably know by know that since my little one had a little mishap back in March that resulted and we aren’t technically supposed to expose her to sunshine for a year and if we do, SPF 50 is an absolute must.  I’m all stocked on Mustela’s SPF 50 for sensitive skin, which I think is the absolute best product for babies and children, even more so because the skin affected is on her face so it’s even more sensitive and prone to allergies. But what about the rest of her little body and our little fam?

In comes Doctor T’s Supergoop! I just discovered this brand that was launched in 2007 and basically features incredibly ingenious high quality sunscreen products for your entire family. They are clinically tested, Paraben, Oxybenzone and fragrance free. + they’re totally affordable and offer an extremely wide selection, from city sunscreen serum, to everyday sunscreen, to gradual tanning mousse. Anddd, get this, SPF 30+ sunscreen swipes with zinc for sensitive skin! I don’t know about you but I think this is just an unbelievably practical and simple idea, especially for kids and sunscreen reapplications throughout the day. Not to mention my other half is pretty fair skinned as well and he hates putting on sunscreen so these swipes will be perfect for him also.

Their official e-shop only offers US shipping but most of their products are available at Amazon (Amazon UK for me) so that’s where I’m getting all our sunscreen swipes from.

(Images: Supergoop

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