Sunday & Some Favorites

So the weekend is nearing to an end and I’m sort of dreading the first day of school tomorrow. Aaaah, Lari is off to third grade (when did that happen?) and Lev has his first day of maternelle on Tuesday. I’m trying to be cool about it but am definitelly freaking out internally.

For Lari, just freaking out because it feels like she only started maternelle yesterday and for Lev because well, it’s going to be a huge change for him. And me. Yeeeees, me. I don’t know about you guys but I’m realy bad at accepting my kids are getting bigger haha. I mean, just look at them! (heart explodes)

Anyways, we’ve taken a low key weekend to get ready but unfortunately we’ve all been nursing a sore throat since Thursday and I feel like some members of the household (looking at you Lev) have had their crankmonster levels turned way up. I wanted to get some school supplies while grocery shopping on Saturday but after two hours I’ve felt like I was ready to put them both to bed and call it a day. Only it was noon haha!

Anyways, I decided to leave it for Monday evening when Vid will be home and the four of us can do it together. Yaaay; family activity. I’ll take anything that includes the four of us together because let me tell you, it’s rare to come by that these days.

So there, so much about our weekend. But I did manage to get some photos in of my favorites of the last couple of months. it’s only been forever since I’ve done this so it was high time. And because it’s been so long, I have a bunch of random items just thrown in there but you know, favorites are favorites. Also, I enlisted a couple of assistants that helped me take the photos 🙂

Starting with the healthy stuff. My mom got me these Juice Plus vitamins mooooonths ago. She also got the kids the chewy version, which are just fantastic. Lari and Lev love them and they’ve been so good with taking them. And honestly, I think it’ been working pretty well, we haven’t been really sick and now that we have the sniffles I’ve just realized they haven’t been taking them anymore because we ran out. Coincidence? Honestly, for kids, I can not recommend these enough. I’m actually putting a new order in right after this. They come in the same versions as these capsules for adults but in pouches and in chewy form.

I on the other hand took some time to get into them. I’m really bad with this stuff but while my mom was here she made sure I ate them every morning (like a child, I know) but I did get much better so now I’ve been taking them for a little while and at least psychologically I feel like I’m doing something good.

Alright, getting to probably my favorite item. The ArtNaturals 2.5 % retinol serum. This stuff is AMAZING. And it’s also amazingly cheap. 13 € off Amazon and I promise you will not regret it. My skin has never felt better and I have zero dryness problems, less spots (also depending on what I eat and drink). Truly try it, I can guarantee you’ll love it. Just make sure you wear sunscreen the next day. I only use it at night and I just got my second bottle. It lasted me for about two months but I use it religiously so that’s fair enough.

Next up, Too Faced Melted Matte Liquid lipstick. I’ve talked about my disappointemt with the Nyx here and this is completely the opposite. This lipstick is so good, doesn’t dry out AT ALL, lasts a really long time and applies beautifully. I also love this shade I got “Cool Girl”, it’s very neutral, kind of nude-ish shade but it’s not super summery. I think it will be perfect for fall.

More skin goodness. I picked up this Liz Earle cleanser while I was in London at the beginning of June and have been using it faithfully ever since. It comes with two cloths and it’s a hot cloth cleanser. It’s a cream like texture and you apply and rub onto your skin and then use the hot cloth to remove all makeup and impurities. It’s sped up nighttime cleaning routine quite a bit and it works fantastic. I was the cloths once a week in the washer but I obviously rinse them in hot water after every use.

Can someone tell me how we held our phones before pop sockets? I honestly can’t remember. This feel like the silliest thing I know but it’s kind of changed my mobile life haha. I love, love, love it! And even Vid has come around to saying it’s very hand after mocking me for an entire week after I first got it. So there, even Vid has given a stamp of approval.

Go, no run and buy this book if you’re in for a thriller. It’s so good and such a page turner. I’m still not done yet and I’m saving the show for after so I don’t spoil myself the ending but the book is really, really good. I’m travelling for work next week so I’m sure I’ll finish it on the plane! And then it’s TV Show time!

Looking after my favorites 🙂

That’s it folks, hope you’ve enjoyed this super long post haha. Sorry again but like I said before, favorites are favorites!

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