My Skincare Essentials

Let’s talk skincare, shall we? I don’t use many products but I swear by the few I do.

I have to admit I’m not a huge makeup gal. I wear the bare minimum during the day, if any at all, and I only up the game a little bit if I go out in the evening. My skin has always been very sensitive and prone to redness and blemishes. And until recently the search for the perfect cleanser remained quite elusive. That is, until my friend Ajda recommended I try Bioderma’s Crealine H20 cleansing water. Apparently it’s been huge for a while now and everyone uses it, from models to all the other lovely ladies with pretty skin, but I must have missed the memo.

Lucky for me I got it now and have been obsessed ever since. No more dry and tight skin after cleaning, no more washing my face (yes, you heard that correctly) because Crealine H2O uses a non rinse formula, and no more raccoon eyes in the morning because I didn’t remove my eye makeup well  (if I put on any that is). And I could promise you my skin feels so much better and fresher after using it.

The second indispensable item in my beauty routine is La Roche-Posay tinted moisturizer, which fits perfectly into my bare minimum makeup lifestyle. Seriously, this thing is great! It comes in three shades (I use 02 Gold), it gives you light, but great coverage, doesn’t look like makeup at all but still leaves your skin radiant and subtly hides imperfections. On some mornings (like today’s for example), when time is of the utmost importance and I barely have enough to get dressed, I put on some tinted moisturizer and it instantly looks like I tried. For regular moisturizers I either use Mama Mio’s face moisturizer or L’Occitane’s Precious cream. I also use the Precious eye balm (when I remember to put it on) also from L’Occitane.

As for body care, I’ve mentioned before I swear by the YesToCarrots body butter, which is affordable and basically all around amazing but I’ve recently also started using Lush’s Dream Cream again (just because they ran out of YesToCarrots at my local Sephora), which is a bit pricier. It hydrates really well without feeling one bit greasy (a huge + in my skincare/beauty book).

And that’s pretty much it for the skincare essentials part. Next up, summer beauty essentials!

Do you have any products you swear by?

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